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based on my research:



Inspiration is obvious when you thoroughly plan every detail by using the Fixturelite Design Tool.  

This not only provides the customer  with a computerized 3-D model of their market experience 

but enables them  to see the final product space design.  

What an amazing vision! 


 It is evident that Fixturelite strives to surpass client's expectations by providing quality solutions for 

their space.   The "Shop" link on the website offers information on available retail displays 

and equipment, embracing the informed client and high standards culture.   

What amazing quality!


Fixturelite ultimately masters the merging of vending and micro-markets together to 

create the complete upscale customer environment,

What an amazing experience! 

Inspiring Projects



These spaces immediately give the feeling of being invited into an energetic gathering area.  With a high-end feel, this becomes a great place to meet others within your community or work space.   


"Mid-Century modern"



You know the minute you see this environment it embraces a rejuvenating mindset.  The high  beams with the lower hanging lights balance the defined area and combine amazing textures to bring a sense of warmth.  The calm color palate offers the best backdrop without being intrusive.   

Visual Highlight:   

      How often do you feel  this "zen" inside an 

office building?



What an amazing way to bring selection and healthy options to employee break areas by offering unattended retail options.  These options can ultimately help improve employee satisfaction, simply by providing alternate food options for employees, among other benefits. 


From what I see


Fixturelite's website is inviting to clients all while not overwhelming those that might be not be computer savvy.   

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it reflects Fixturelite's high standards and their goal in solving their customer's problems.   

Kudos on creating an impressive website that reflects the high standards of Fixturelite!